Thursday, March 10, 2016

Limited number of real maple syrup "tarquinas" for sale

Anyone who has frequented the JW Merc roadside booth in Garibaldi (or the Fremont Sunday Market) over the years will recognize the glass "tarquina" - style jars filled with real maple syrup from Vermont.
Though there have been two sizes historically we are just down to six ONLY of the smaller of the two (100 ml.) - available in the light/delicate grade (which was once called "fancy" back in the day). Since they would likely sell quickly at the booth this weekend I wanted to give JW Merc internet followers/supporters a chance to buy one if they want - $7.00 each.
Price does NOT include shipping - and it would make sense to add some other things to an order if it's going out via common carrier. If you live in Tillamook County this isn't as pertinent since we would probably be able to meet up some other way.
Please click on the PayPal link below (cut/paste in your browser if need be) And YES - if you don't have a PayPal account yet, you'll have to set one up (which is quick/easy and oh-so-secure - for the good of all of us...)

You can call/text the cell if you have questions: 208-424-0042. I also take e-mail at:

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